Slimline Electric Infrared Eco Panel Heater Floor
Slimline Electric Infrared Eco Panel Heater Floor
Slimline Electric Infrared Eco Panel Heater Floor
Slimline Electric Infrared Eco Panel Heater Floor
Slimline Electric Infrared Eco Panel Heater Floor

Slimline Electric Infrared Eco Panel Heater Floor

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Eco Panel Heaters are very economical to run, using infrared technology to provide gentle warmth.

The use of Infrared Heating Technology has long been praised for its comforting effects.

This technology does not directly heat the air - unlike convection heating technologies. Instead, it warms the walls, surfaces and objects within its range.

They're great for spot heating - near your desk, couch, bed, etc because their heat is focused on objects and not the entire room.
The heat is stored and is released slowly and evenly into the air, creating a gentle distributed heat.

Multiple panels can be installed for bigger rooms or for multi-spot heating.
Suitable for brick walls, masonry, and plasterboard walls. Not suitable for walls with vinyl coverings.

This latest version has an alloy metal casing instead of ceramic and is resistant to breakage and cracks.

It has no in-built fan to avoid noise and dust flow, which is perfect for people that have asthma or dust allergies.

Wall-mounted or freestanding, the heater is lightweight and cost-effective too.


  • Colour: White
  • Lightweight and slim - suit 8 to 10 sqm and spot heating
  • Easy to Use & Maintain
  • Economical 600w
  • Wall mount screws and floor standing stand included
  • No Fan means no circulated dust
  • No exposed elements
  • Over-Heat Protection
  • Rocker On/Off switch with indicator Light
  • 240v AC operated (connects to wall socket)
  • Package Dimensions: 650 x 630 x 40mm
  • Heater dimensions: 600 x 600 x 16mm approx(exclude control box)
  • Control box thickness 21mm
  • Australian stock, SAA approved

In The Box

  • 1x Eco panel heater
  • Screws for wall mounting and floor stand
  • Operation manual

Brand New in box.
Sold with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

How much warmer I can expect the room to get?
You can expect an ECO-heater to raise the temperature in a well-insulated 80-100 square foot room approximately 6 - 8 degrees with continuous operation.
There are a lot of factors that contribute to the efficiency (i.e., windows, insulation, ceiling height, installation of the unit, interior or exterior walls or a closed room).

For installation, what should the clearance be above the unit?
The most critical number is the location above the floor. We recommend the unit be installed 10 to 50cm above the floor, with 20cm above the floor being the optimal height depending on the baseboard trim height.
The unit loses effectiveness when it is installed any higher than 50cm above the floor.

How close should furniture or objects be to the ECO-heater?
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) recommends keeping all combustible materials 3 (three) feet away from space heaters.
The heater surface is hot when in use so do not touch it.

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