Kitchen Trolleys Island Carts Extending Kitchen Space

Increase your kitchen work bench capacity by extending kitchen work on Kitchen Island. Great for small kitchen spaces. Wooden kitchen carts are Hampton feel design, so it looks nice in the kitchen. 

What are kitchen trolleys?

They are an extension to your kitchen workbench. Ideal for small kitchen space. You can use to place food, vegetables, a chopping board, and even a small microwave. 

How much weight can it carry?

Although most kitchen appliances are not heavier than 10 to 20KG, we recommend not exceed weight over 30 KG. 

Can you place a small microwave?

Yes, up to 30KG microwave weight is ideal. Tip: if you search your current microwave model number and find the same or similar capacity model, you can find out exact weight of your microwave. 

Most domestic microwaves are around 30KG in weight or less, so it is safe to place them on top. 

What are the average dimensions and size?

Average size of kitchen carts is 116cm wide, 44cm deep and 90.5cm tall. You can see individual cart dimensions on the kitchen trolley page.

What is top of trolley made of?

Solid rubber wood is used in the process of making kitchen island carts. 

How good is rubber wood quality?

Rubber wood is very tough and will last long. It also protects against molds, fungus and bacteria, so using a kitchen trolley every day will not ruin the top.

Browse all 5 types of kitchen island carts you can buy today. Here

Where do we deliver? 

We use Hunter Express or similar couriers to deliver Australia Wide. 

Are Kitchen Trolley Pre- Assembled?

No, they are delivered in a flat pack. You will need to assemble them yourself. Manual is included in the box so you can follow instructions. 

What If Kitchen Trolley is damaged or missing part? 

Please get in touch so we can send the missing part and rectify replacement of damaged part or trolley. 

 1. Kitchen Trolley Featuring Two Drawers and Two Shelf. 

2. Kitchen Trolley Featuring Two Doors and One Shelf 

3. Kitchen Trolley Featuring One Door and Two Shelf 


4. Kitchen Trolley Featuring Two Doors and Two Drawers + Wine Rack

 5. Kitchen Trolley Featuring Industrial Style Two Shelf

6. South Hampton 4 Drawer 1 Door Kitchen Trolley