Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Student, One Time Purchase 1 User

Quick Questions Answers - 

Is it the latest version? 

Yes, this is the latest version until the new version 2021  released by Microsoft.

How do I know this is for me ? 

If you use Microsoft - Excel, Word, Powerpoint on your computer or Apple Macbook on one device and do not need any Security Updates, New Feature Releases and Online Cloud Storage then this is for you. For most people it is suitable as it will be a solid classic version of three powerful apps Excel, Word and Powerpoint.

What is the yearly subscription version and how is it different ? 

Yearly subscription version is called Office 365 as they are online for annual subscription fees, available to access from multiple devices and there is a cloud based upto 1 TB included for your use.  Yearly subscriptions cost you way more money than a one time purchase which are allowed to use for personal or commercial use.

How To Install?

You will have to download the software from Microsoft Online Store or simply follow instructions that might include exact URL to download the software. You may simply go on Microsoft Website and look for the MS Office 2019 version then follow instructions. 

Step 1 

Download the Installer on windows or on a mac.

Step 2 

Start installing it on your computer and wait for the prompt where it will ask for a unique key which will allow you to activate your purchase on one device.

Step 3

Once installation is completed, simply restart the computer or start using the MS Office straightaway. 

Transfer To New Device. 

It is highly recommended to create an account on Microsoft Store so your purchases and license keys are stored and assigned to a device. In case you lost your computer or computer is no longer working you can assign a new device by going to an online account. 

Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Student, One Time Purchase 1 User


  • Offline One User and One Device. 
  • Install and Use It Unlimited
  • It is still a solid softwares that has not been replaced by anything yet. 
  • Excel is very powerful tool to manipulate data, specially once you get to know functions such as VLOOKUP 
  • Installs on Apple or Windows
  • Microsoft support included for 60 days at no extra cost
  • Licensed for home and commercial use


  • You cannot have it shared with family members or installed on multiple devices. 
  • No online updates on the software's new features - No problem,this is not a major drawback. In fact, all consumers were  using this version before cloud based solution came across
  • Your computer storage is only where files will be saved - No worries,you could manually copy files on online google drive,  dropbox or have back up on USB

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Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Student, One Time Purchase 1
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